The Benefits of Seeing a Professional Psychic

There are a number of benefits to paying a visit to a professional psychic. They can range anywhere from being able to seek out advice on plans for the very near future, to being able to get advice on a possible relationship that you might be in. The point being, the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to the benefits of seeing a professional psychic in your area.

The Advantages of a Personal Encounter

There are advantages to being able to walk into a room and sit down right in front of a psychic that you cannot find when speaking with a psychic over the phone. However, this is more of an advantage for the customer than it is an advantage for the psychic. This is not to say that you cannot get the same professional readings from a phone psychic reading because you most definitely can. It is simply to say that many people prefer to be able to see the person who is giving them their psychic reading as opposed to the alternatives, and for good reason.

The Benefits

il_340x270.477568050_2umkUnderstanding the many benefits of visiting a professional psychic is the first step in being able to make the decision to visit them in the first place. There are many events in our lives that we simply do not understand, and because we cannot see anything more than what is happening to us on any given day, it can be very difficult to deal with. For some, this might be situations regarding our finances and for others, it might be something more complicating like advice on steps to take if we are to succeed at reaching our 5 year goals in life. Whatever the case might be, a professional psychic can shed light on almost any situation that you might be going through.

Professional Psychic vs. Cold Reader

There are many techniques that a true psychic will use to obtain the information needed to give an individual an accurate reading. This is not to be confused with someone who makes claims of having psychic abilities, while simply using a technique called “cold reading” instead. While “cold reading” can be somewhat effective when used properly, it has nowhere near the same level of accuracy that a true professional psychic can obtain from a genuine psychic reading, using genuine psychic abilities. It is also not fair for the individual seeking a true psychic reading.

Know Your Psychic

This is the primary difference between a professional psychic, and a person simply claiming to be a psychic. It is also very damaging to a genuine professional psychic. Understanding this difference is the best way to avoid the chance of paying someone for a reading, who simply knows how to read a person’s body language and the things that they say while sitting at the table. It also gives you an opportunity to benefit from the true abilities of a professional psychic.

There really are a countless number of benefits to being able to visit a professional psychic, and finding a genuine professional psychic in your area is the first step to making that happen.

Understanding The Basics Of Psychic Reading

When it comes to psychic reading, most people think of it as something a venue to find their luck. Many of them may probably imagine an old gypsy lady seating in a tent, staring a crystal ball placed on a small table. This is how people understand about psychic reading just like what the TV or the movies portrayed a fortune teller. But actually, contrary to people’s limited understanding, psychic readings are viewed as a way to obtain information about a person’s life getting a reading through clairvoyance.

The information that the reader gather from the subject could be a proof that whatever the reader has to say about that person is true. So now having that capability to establish this proof will make the person getting the reading to be assured that all he pays for is all worth it.

There are a lot of ways in which a psychic reading can be performed. Some people prefer using it through phone to avoid getting to the place of the reader or just to save their time. Others would prefer to go to a specific location of psychic fairs where the different psychics are gathered. More often than not, psychic readers will charge their clients for a certain rate which varies depending on the ability and the type of reading that the client will ask. Normally, readings performed through phone are billed using credit card while those conducted in psychic fairs can be paid outright either in cash or card.

Nowadays you can find different types of psychic readings being practiced by individuals who believed to possess this great ability. There are those who are proficient in practicing some of the types while others prefer a specific type of reading to hone their skills more.

Here are some of the most common types of readings which are explained in simplest terms for layman’s understanding:

Astrology – a type of reading which is based on the belief that there exist a relationship between the cosmic bodies and the events that happened in human lives. This usually does not require much of the great abilities of a psychic since they can actually be learned through practice and study.

Aura Reading – a reading that is based on the energies that surrounds the living being. This involves the use of the human senses, meditation and practice to see and interpret the aura of a person.

Crystallomancy/Lithomancy – type of reading that predicts the future based on the reflections given in crystal balls, gems or stones.

Numerology – used by readers to perceived things based on the numbers associated with birth dates.

Palm Reading or Palmistry – is some sort of an interpretation rather than implementing the psychic abilities. This is usually performed by studying the lines and curves of a person’s palm to reveal meaning on the life path.

Psychometry – is usually performed by getting in contact with a person’s precious possession to get a reading.

Rune Reading – a reading that involves the use of ancient alphabet to provide wisdom and insights to a problem that a person is currently facing.

Tarot Reading – revolves on the belief that through card interpretation can provide insights about the present, past and future life of a person.

There are practically a lot of reasons why you should know what psychic reading is including the different types that are being used by a psychic. This will help guide the seeker to find answers to some questions in their lives.

Important Things To Know When Getting Free Tarot Reading Online

Free tarot card reading is increasingly growing in popularity today as more people have become aware to know the predictions in their life that relates financial issues, career and their relationships. And perhaps due to some technological advancement more people have become savvy in using the internet. This is the reason that it has become easy for most people to enjoy free online tarot. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about tarot and these are answered to help every individual on how to go through this type of reading.

What is tarot reading and how is it useful?

This type of reading centers on the belief that through the use of cards insights about the past, present and the possible future of the seeker can be gained.  Though there’s no proven accuracy as to the predictions of the tarot card reader, it provides reasonable clues to have a better understanding of what’s happening in a person’s life.

Is it really worth to get free tarot reading online?

While there are many people who doubt the credibility of psychic reading which are done through the use of the internet, there are also who suggest and prefer that the one-on-one tarot reading is the most effective and deliver the best result. Actually there’s practically no big difference of the two. Some psychic networks feature in their websites some audio video materials downloadable for free. This will enable the client to interact with the reader by using a webcam and give you the feeling as if you are talking with the reader in person.

How to find the best tarot card reading?

Obviously, searching online could help you find the different websites that offer psychic readings which usually includes free reading for tarot cards. Don’t be fall prey however of false fortune tellers who offer this kind of services for free because sometimes these are part of their modus to get more money from you. Moreover, you may as well read some customer reviews in order that you get valuable information regarding the credibility of a certain fortune teller and the network that they work for.

What to do during tarot card reading?

Like with any other type of psychic readings, you need to have an open mind to all the predictions of the tarot reader. You must give focus whenever you are asked to pick a card. If in case you find the reading still not clear to you, you may request to repeat the same. It is most recommended that you take down notes of the readings for your future reference.

How free online tarot card reading work?

Once you found a tarot website that offers a reading for free, you’ll find a number of cards laid down and you are going to pick by clicking the card that you think is your best choice. Make it a point though that you give focus first among the cards for a while before you click them. You also need to concentrate of the questions that you want to ask.

Although tarot card readings may be offered for free online, it does not mean you have to ignore the most important things that may be required in the process. By doing your part honestly during the reading, the tarot reader will be able to provide you the right guidance on how you should plan for your future.


Facts About Psychic and Psychic Reading: Unleash That Psychic Power Within!

Have you ever asked yourself if psychic abilities really exist? If so, why is it that there are people who are gifted of these powers while others don’t have? Well, to answer all these questions let’s have some understanding about psychic, psychic reading and these mystical powers that a number of individuals claim to possess. It is also explained in this article how these skills can be developed, so read on.

A Glimpse of the Beginning

It’s been reported that date back from the olden times, our ancestors are believed to hold these special power guided by spirits and the nature that surrounds them. Some of the native people still possess these powers and practice them as being part of their existence. It became possible then that each individual have these psychic talents in them, yet these remain unexplored since they’ve got no idea how to trigger them.

Needless to say, we cannot discount the fact that there are people who just pretend to be gifted and give you predictions with the sole intention of making money when in fact they do nothing at all. Beware because these are simply fake psychics. But there are those with superior intellect that brought these psychic powers into test and found them to be real – meaning, gifted people really do exist.

People who claim to be gifted compare their abilities to some other skills such as being excellent in music, writing and any other field of study that require higher intellect. These people believed that all these things are gifts that they’ve got and that it can be enhanced through proper practice to gain more power from it.

Reasons to Get a Reading

So, what probably are the reasons why a lot of people are becoming more interested to get psychic reading? What exactly are they for? Some people love to see a psychic medium to be able to get some clues when making important decision in their lives or business undertakings. There are also those who need guidance on what to do to make a better future. Others want to try it for the sake of curiosity and self discovery.

Types of Psychic Reading and Abilities

On the other hand, there are also several types of psychic reading that any individual can choose from depending on the kind of information that they need. These includes palmistry, numerology, aura reading, psychometry and among others.  In addition to that, there are also a variety of psychic abilities that any individual may possess one or more of these, like clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, mediumship and many others.

Developing that Inner Talents

Many of the social scientists consider the fact that while some of these talents may be acquired inborn and can be learnt throughout life, the same also is true with psychic abilities. Provided that you recognize these abilities and you have your will power to cultivate them, it’s not possible of becoming a good psychic. Certainly, it may take some time to develop these abilities, but with constant and proper practice your effort are all worth it in the end.

So now that you understand about psychic readings and some simple facts on psychic abilities make it an essential consideration the next time you get into any reading session. Make sure to have an open mind and believe on your psychic’s power, by then you’ll definitely get the information you desire.

Amazing Steel Wizard Tarot Card Decks Review

Steel Wizard tarot card decks are simply amazing. These card decks come in a package and the first thing that’s noticeable is the neat-looking box where the cards are kept. And just like any other technical but fun stuff, it comes with an instructional booklet for users to read and learn from. The booklet features beautiful colored images from the cards which are nice to look at.

The Tarot Deck

A tarot deck is a big deck. It is not for the small hands and if you have little hobbit hands, this deck will be very hard for you to shuffle. It’s a lovely, beautiful and colorful deck that is well constructed. When you touch it, you can feel its glossy and shiny surface that’s clearly emphasized by the strong black border.

Beautiful and Interesting Characters and Items

Amazing Steel Wizard Tarot Card Decks Review

The Steel Wizard is an 88-card deck. There can be additional cards in the court cards offered depending on where you buy them. Within the tarot card deck lay a number of beautiful and interesting characters. Among these characters are The Queen of Pentacles, The Maiden, The Knight, and The King which are featured in the Court Cards.

Amazing Steel Wizard Tarot Card Decks Review

Interesting and beautiful cards can also be found on the Arcana. These cards include The Weaver, The Universe, Truth, Evolution, and Soul Twins, to name a few. If you like maidens, then you would love this card deck because it has a number of maidens to offer such as The Maiden of Penacles, The Maiden of Swords, The Maiden of Cups, and The Maiden of Wands.

There’s no arguing that the Steel Wizard Tarot Card has a lot to offer. But using these cards will depend more on one’s intuition. It is important for you to know what they mean, what they represent, and how they fit in to your system. Some expert Tarot Card users don’t believe in fixed meanings. What’s most important is your intuition and how you go with what is going on within the mystery of these cards.

Brilliant Tarot Reading Tips

If you are wondering about the best way to read tarot cards, then you have come to the right section. This section talks about brilliant tarot reading tips that will help you read tarot cards more effectively. These tips include the following:

1. Come Up with a Clear Question in Your Mind

Before you work with your cards, make sure that you have developed a clear question in your mind. The trouble with a lot of tarot card readers is that they get too excited. They pull all of their cards and lay them immediately on the table. Then they pick each one of them randomly without a clear framework on how they should make the interpretation.

Different cards possess different attributes and each one of them has different meanings. It is important for you to have a clear statement of content and question before you pull out a card.

Psychic Readings

2. Just say No

Just say No if you are not sure with your answer. In other words, if you are met with a question like “will Adam and I be promoted in the next year” or “will I die tomorrow” then just answer no. These are questions that require absolute answers and the universe simply doesn’t work that way. Anything can happen in a universe of possibilities and a yes answer to such questions can get you into trouble if it turns out that you are wrong.

3. Look Closely on the Picture

This may seem obvious but it is something that is always overlooked. When working on tarot cards, you are working with symbols and images. Everything in the picture – the color, diagram, and other details – may mean something to people. You do not have other resources for your interpretation except for the pictures and images on the card. This tip should not be overlooked.

Pay attention to the literal and visual cues that are on the cards. For example, there are cards like The Queen of Hearts and The Queen of Swords that may look similar but are actually opposite to each other. There are also cards that may look different but are actually in harmony in each other if you take a closer look.

4. Dealing with Reserved Cards

Brilliant Tarot Reading Tips

Reversed cards have been considered as the bane of tarot reading but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are a number of things that readers can do in this situation. For one, you can disregard the whole notion. Consider that the card means what the card means and it doesn’t matter whether it comes sideways, upside down or whatever.

The tips mentioned above are very important for tarot card reading. But when it comes down to it the really important thing for a tarot card reader to remember is to remain earnest to people. Don’t make up stories that are beyond what the cards mean. Always deliver the proper interpretations no matter what may come out from the deck.

What Does the Tarot Card Spreads in the Ellipse Spread Mean?

Tarot cards have been used by mystics and occultists to create a map for mental and spiritual pathways. A tarot card reader with his or her deck of 78 cards has a lot of moves and techniques to offer. One of these moves is what’s called the Tarot Card Spreads. These spreads come in different varieties and one very common move is called The Ellipse Spread.

You may or may not be a tarot card reader. Either way, this section would tackle the meanings of the cards in the ellipse spread. If you are looking for information on the ellipse spread, then you have come to the right place.

The Ellipse Spread

What Does the Tarot Card Spreads in the Ellipse Spread Mean?
  • Card no. 1 – The Past. This card reflects the past and its major influences on you.
  • Card no. 2 – The Present. This card reflects the present and all the influences there are in your life at the moment.
  • Card no. 3 – The Future. This card shows the future and what influences are coming to your life.
  • Card no. 4 – The Path. This card shows the path that you should take and what you should do.
  • Card no. 5 – Outside Influences. This card reflects all of the outside influences around you and what kind of influences they are.
  • Card no. 6 – Hopes and Fears. This card reflects the hopes or fears that you have.
  • Card no. 7 – The overview. This final card gives a concluding impression of the cards.
What Does the Tarot Card Spreads in the Ellipse Spread Mean?

The meanings of the cards are quite deep and transcendent. But you need to keep in mind that tarot cards do not predict the future on an individual. Instead, they help a person come into contact with his own thoughts and self.

Learning Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot cards are oftentimes a mystery to people. A lot of people don’t like these cards because they don’t understand how they really work. But expert readers suggest that these cards should be read intuitively. That means that each card has its own unique meaning for every reader and learning tarot card meanings involve knowing what these cards basically mean.

Learning Tarot Card Meanings Require Intuition

The first thing that aspiring tarot card readers should remember is that tarot card reading involves the use of psychic intuition. The best way to know your tarot cards is to buy your own pack. Get a pack which you think will work for you. A lot of people think that one needs someone else to buy you a pack, but that is not actually the case because you need to be familiar with your own pack of cards and not someone else’s.

Learning Tarot Card Meanings

Usually, when you get your own pack of tarot cards, you can put them under your pillow and bring them with you wherever you want to go. This way, you become really familiar with them from the inside out. You really need to be able to relate to your cards and determine which one meant which to you. Don’t just read the book that comes with them and concentrate on what the cards could mean once you apply them.  If you want to learn more about psychics and tarot cards, I’d suggest visiting Cindy Lankford’s blog at:

Practice Makes Perfect

There are many decks of cards. But you may find that there are particular cards that will attract you and draw you. When you are using your cards, don’t be afraid to practice and practice more with your favorite cards. And once you’re done with your favorite cards, you can then proceed on familiarizing yourself with the meaning of the other cards. If there are cards which you find difficult to interpret, don’t hesitate to contact an expert for advice.

Tarot Reading Love Spread and Meaning

The idea of Tarot Reading Love Spread is to give individuals insight into their relationships. To the tarot readers, each card acts as a window to the different aspects of an individual’s relationships. The simplest among these spreads uses only 4 cards. The first three cards will be spread at the bottom of a top card, which would be the 4th card.

Simple Love Spread

  • Card no. 1 – The first card represents an individual’s physical connection with his or her partner. The card covers aspects of such connection like sex life, physical attraction, and physical contact.
  • Card no. 2 – The second card relates to the mental connection that an individual has with his or her partner. This includes mental aspects of the relationship such as shared interests, communication, conversation, and shared thoughts.
  • Card no. 3 – The third card represents a person’s spiritual and emotional connection with his or her partner. This covers the emotional and spiritual aspects of the relationship like how people feel towards each other, love, and shared dreams and goals.
  • Card no. 4 – The 4th card is the top card. This card represents the long-term potential. The card will cover a relationship’s potential to last for the long term. This will cover people’s empathy, patience, and promises for each other.

From a Client’s Perspective

Love is mysterious and worth every truth in the world. Love tarot is an exciting and thrilling way of helping you find the love that you are searching for. It does this by igniting your real passion for love. The psychic reader will allow you to choose two cards from the tarot deck. These two cards could represent anything about relationship and there are readings about your soul mate too.

Tarot Reading Love Spread and Meaning

The meaning of these cards is very deep and transcendent. Not even the psychic reader would be able to alter it. The cards are revealed to you out of choice, not chance, and that should mean something to you. You can tap into the wisdom of these cards and you may choose to believe its message or you may not. Either way, you should be able to find some answers about your relationship after the encounter.

Love is a Choice

For love to be true, it has to come from you. These cards will only serve as guides for your soul. The decision to be brave and find true love is still up to you. More than anything else, these cards are not just about love, they are about life. It is in realizing that you are given freewill and choice is the true essence of love. In the end, you are still the one responsible for your love life.